The Council received the following documents from the administration as the administration’s proposal to (partially) address the budget deficit:

Here is the Council Chair’s explanation of these documents when forwarding them to the Council.


Here are the resolutions regarding the budget drafted by the Finance Director.

There are 2 sets– 1 for WPCA and another for the structural transfer.

Ms. Collier and I reviewed these this morning. With respect to the ISF summary, she of course does not have final figures for FY2016. However, she believes that even with the transfer of the $3M, the town would have somewhere between $-650K and $-1M, and the town would be well ahead of the 2014 level, but that’s an educated guess at this point since the year is not complete. That is, rather than putting in $16.1M to the fund(s) this year, the town would be putting in $13.1M.

If there are any additional resolutions that you would like to offer regarding Budget Modifications, please do so. That is, if you want to offer a resolution making modifications to the budgets of certain departments, it can be done at this time. For example, if you wanted to move some of the unspent monies in categories that may seem frivolous to you to council contingency, then offer a resolution to do so.

Doing just these 2 sets of resolutions may leave the town about $1.5M short, but that is a manageable amount to reconcile at the end of the year.

I thank Susan Collier and her staff for their work on this and the council for their patience with this.


Beth Daponte, Ph.D.
Chairman of Town Council
Stratford Town Council, First District