During the WPCA referendum campaign, I posted the campaign finance filings for the referendum committees here and here. The two committees have since submitted their “January 10th” filing, which are linked to below:

The Vote Yes Pay Less PAC spent $48,115.56 for a grand total of roughly $19.46 per vote.

Interestingly, Pullman & Comely LLC gave the Vote Yes, Pay Less PAC a $5,000 donation on October 28, 2015 — less then a week before the election and after the “7th Days Preceding Election” was filed. The contribution was conveniently timed so that voters would not know about the donation before casting their ballots

Pullman & Comely LLC represented the Harkins administration when five citizens sought a court order to force the Town to count the petition signatures that ultimately led to the referendum. The firm billed the Town $338,391.37 in FY2015 and 68,287.43 so far in FY2016 — although not all of that work was related to the WPCA sale and litigation.